Saturday, March 21, 2015

Returning after my brother's death

My brother Robert the Magician died last summer after surviving AIDS for 18 years. I had been trying to publish my Frank Herbert book before he died, which I worked on at his bedside, but he faded away too quickly at the end. He was a great human being with a great heart, and I miss him every day.

My brother Robert the Magician, right before his death.
I got a new a night job and am working on a couple screenplays. I am setting up a series of How-To videos, which combines several of my talents and interests. Subjects will range from airbrush techniques and homemade synthesizers to building robots with Arduino microcontroller boards. More news to follow.

There is even talk of starting the Sonoma Synthesizer Society, and hosting a homemade instrument festival this summer. There will be a how-to video about that, too.

So, I took a break after my brother's death, but now I'm back and swinging for the fences.

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