Friday, March 18, 2016

Submitting to Sci Phi Journal

HyperGraphia has no known cure, thankfully.
I suffer from a strange condition called HyperGraphia, a constant compulsion to write, take notes, and otherwise put pen to paper. I hope they never find a cure.

My long-term goal is to write screenplays and see them turned into film. Alas, I have more ideas for stories than there is reasonable time to polish them into 90-page scripts. A very wise man I know, filmmaker Harris Done (Cinematographer for Trekkies among many others) told me that two of his screenwriter friends wrote a book, got it published, then got a screenplay deal to adapt their book.

I have decided to emulate their success, by writing short stories. In researching my article about Jack London's sci-fi works, I learned he imposed upon himself a 1000-word-per-day quota, which he maintained 6 days a week until he died (Sadly, he only published one book afterward).

"Write your way out of THIS, Joan Wilder!"
My good friend Joe Pitkin pointed me to Sci Phi Journal, interested in publishing on the philosophical edge of sci-fi. That sounds like just the thing for a Sci-Fi Historian like your friend and humble narrator.

If that sounds like the thing for you, too, you might be interested in checking out their submission guidelines:

Like my grandfather often told me, "You are never given a Dream without also being given the power to make it come true. However, you may have to work for it..."

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